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First Half-Week of Class

Friday, August 30, 2013

I hope everyone had a good start to their school year this year. I haven’t really anything new to report, but I did find (or the internet is awash in) a nifty little start-up project for those of you possessing Android devices. Watch their cute and clever video:

I haven’t decided if I will chip in for one yet, but it looks like a very nifty little trinket to have if you want it.

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I’m Thankful For My Friends

Sunday, August 4, 2013

…for giving me such good material to work with. All I have left is to work on the Friends page, and then I will be done with building for the site! To celebrate the home stretch (and because I have hit a roadblock on this last stretch), I decided to make a comic! Anybody sympathize with him?

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Downward Facing Dog

Friday, August 2, 2013

No, I’m not doing yoga. Yes, I am using the phrase as a metaphor for the downhill slope, a metaphor for easy going after a tough battle. I’ve been pecking away at my keyboard, and we’re in the home stretch of building the 2014 Unicorn Parade theme. Feel free to explore; only the Friends and Archives navigation links in the header and footer will take you to a 404 page respectively. Every other page should be in a non-broken state!


I just have to finish up those two pages and tie up some loose ends here and there for WordPress, and then it will be complete. Archives will fall into place easily. It is a dumb, static page chock full of links. What will be difficult is the Friends page- this page will replace the About page that you used to know; that is, the page with all the heads and descriptions of us. This page is going to be rebuilt from the ground up to give profiles for everyone, but I haven’t yet decided how I want it to be organized. Anyway, once I come up with that and successfully implement it, then I will wash my hands of this month’s fun project.

I even have some fun comic ideas that I’m excited to work on, so everything is peachy here.

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Summer Makeover!

Monday, July 22, 2013

I’ve spent the past week or so working on splashing on this new coat of paint onto Unicorn Parade, and it debuts on the home page right now!

Unfortunately, as a result, the rest of the pages will be taken down as they have yet to receive the burst of color. Their compatibility will be incomplete until I individually rebuild them to my liking. This process shouldn’t take too long. You’ll probably see minor pages going up and links to them in the header and footer navigation going live throughout the next few days.

In regards to the redesign, aside from sporting a fresh new bit of chrome, there have been some other clean ups under the hood. This helped me clean out the garbage code that remained when I performed tweaks and let things slip through the cracks. Although the site feels similar, it was actually rebuilt and recoded from the ground up.

Try not to wander too far from here. I don’t want you stumbling around and getting hurt in this construction site. I promise after this is all set and running, I’ll be pretty content with it for a while and can focus on content and interesting projects!

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Update, Blargh!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Yes! It is one!


If I did them more often, maybe I wouldn’t have to announce each of these rarities in all caps. Anyway, Chris told me I couldn’t do anything until I made a comic, so one’s up now. Now that that’s done, I can do other things. I seem to have a bit of an issue with caching. I’ve allowed your browser to store certain parts of the website so that it loads much faster, but this somehow spills over onto other things that best not be affected. An issue that has been brought to my attention is user log-ins. Apparently, the site shows you as not being logged in after you just did so, but if you do a hard refresh (ctrl + F5) then all is well.

As a public service announcement, if log-ins are being funky, hard refresh to update the cache!
This applies to other things, such as content (ie I just said I made a new comic. If you don’t see it, you know what to do).

Anyway, there are still things I’d like to tweak with the site. I don’t think I’ll ever be happy with how it looks. Fortunately, this allows me to once again put off figuring out how to make 80. Carry on as you are!

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